Is fairness in the sun possible? Is pollution taking a toll on your fairness?
In our popular #BeautyonDuty, our top bloggers Kritika and Priyal answer all your questions on skin and fairness.

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream
Our beauty bloggers agree that Fair & Lovely Powder Cream gives visible fairness and a set look for your college days. Matlab din bhar fairness ka no check-up, no top-up!

Fair & Lovely Pollution Clean-up Facewash
If you face pollution everyday, you need to erase pollution also everyday. Don’t let the pollution hide in your skin and damage your fair look.

The Perfect College Look
All you college goers are bound to have many questions on your mind… how to look? What to wear? What makeup to apply? Get all these questions answered with Fair & Lovely #BeautyonDuty! Tumhari College ki entry HIT hogi!

The Perfect Office Look
A working woman needs to work hard and look presentable at all times, even after work! Watch our #BeautyonDuty bloggers Kritika and Priyal tell you how to manage the art of looking perfect all through a stressful day!

Parlour like Clean Up at Home
Dirt, pollution and grime stealing away your natural fairness? Not anymore! Watch our #BeautyonDuty bloggers Kritika and Priyal give you the ultimate quick fix solution to get a parlour like clean up fairness, everyday!

Perfect Sun Protection with SPF15
When you are outside all day, the heat and sun threaten your fairness. Is a scarf, umbrella or sunglasses enough to protect your skin? Check out what our #BeautyonDuty bloggers Kritika and Priyal have to keep your fairness protected.

The Perfect Winter Look
Oily Winter creams can leave your skin looking dull and oily in winters. But not anymore! Watch our #BeautyonDuty bloggers Kritika and Priyal tell you how Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream helps you get both fair and moisturised skin without any compromise!